Monday, July 17, 2006


You'd have to look far and wide to find a horror soundtrack more overwrought than 1977's Haunted, a regional drive-in obscurity from Arizona that disappeared from video shelves years ago. The film stars Aldo Ray, Virginia Mayo and Virgin Witch's Ann Michelle in yet another one of those "ticked-off dead supernatural woman comes back from the grave to get revenge centuries later" stories, this time with an Indian tribeswoman killed off during the Civil War doing the honors. Or does she? The music score by Lor Crane (who?) comprises half the album and is pretty standard late-'70s stuff (mostly sounding like Hardy Boys outtakes). On the other hand, the songs on here are incredible, kicking off with the jaw-dropping "Indian Woman"-- a 3-minute howler that manages to encapsulate the entire backstory of the film... badly: "Revenge is her only friend / Indian woooman! / Loving, hating, coming back to clear her name. / Indian woman! / They took her life for gold, now she's searching, tracking down the ones to blame. Indian woman!" Prepare to be amazed.

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Anonymous Boy 8-Bit said...

'Indian Woman' is IN-CREDIBLE.

Talk about Overcooked!!

Thank you so much for sharing stuff like this....

'Patrick and Jennifer Walking' - Great title!!!


2:16 PM  

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