Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Harrad Sounds

A perfect example of a movie that could never be made today, The Harrad Experiment arrived in 1973 from director Ted Post (who also did Magnum Force and The Baby the same year -- talk about diversity!). The story takes place at an experimental coed college where the students and teachers engage in naked yoga and skinnydipping to free their inhibitions. Luckily there's a bizarre cast around to keep things interesting including Tippi Hedren, Stuart Whitman, and a bunch of usually-naked future stars including Eight Is Enough's Laurie Walters and a pre-Miami Vice Don Johnson-- who met his future wife, Melanie Griffith (Tippi's daughter), on the set of this film. Lucky Don also gets to croon two songs on the soundtrack (way before his Heart Beat days); don't miss the riotous spoken word interlude on "Wait for Me." The instrumental score from Artie Butler (The Love Machine) fares better, ranging from smooth '70s instru-pop to uptempo dance grooves.
Of course, the film's success demanded a sequel, so one year later audiences got Harrad Summer, with Walters returning in the story of four more experimental college kids cutting loose and getting ready for another year at sex school. This time music duties were handed to busy TV composer Pat Williams (The Mary Tyler Moore Show), who had just finished SSSSSSS ("Don't say it, hiss it!"). The approach is fairly similar to the first one, mixing a pop sensibility with some hipster-funk ("Tonight We Swing") to stir things up. Play both of these at your next fondue party.

The Harrad Experiment
1. I Hope I'll Have Your Love (Vocal: Lori Lieberman)
2. Low Fat Yoga
3. Harry And Beth And Stanley And Sheila 4. First Love
5. Wait For Me (Vocal: Don Johnson)
6. It's Not Over (Vocal: Don Johnson)
7. A Bird In The Hand
8. Stanley's Thing
9. You're An Absolute Miracle
10. Go Gently

Harrad Summer
1. Living At Peace With Myself (Main Title) 2. Tonight We Swing
3. Double Wedding
4. Welcome Home Harry
5. The Eyes Have It
6. Let The Love Begin (Vocal: Gene Redding)
7. A Precious Love
8. Let The Love Begin (Instrumental)
9. Continental Breakfast
10. Poopsie
11. I Think I Love You
12. Living At Peace With Myself / Let The Love Begin (End Title)

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Blogger ScoreBaby said...

I have the original, but not the sequel — so thanks! Another item for the sexploitation chapter in my book.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I love you to put this. My fav track is Don Johnson's - It's Not Over. I got it in the cassette, so thanks for the file.

Will you please also talk about other genre - not only thriller/horror - but also spy? I am talking about Hitchcock's Charade or even The Avenger?

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work » » »

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