Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tiki Terror

Now here's a weird one for exotica fans; one of the shadier budget LP lables, Viking, gained a reputation for repackaging their titles in countless different permutations over the years. This release by "Ugella and the Viking Pops Orchestra," Theme from Mondo Cane and Other Horror Music, features a strange marching-band version of Riz Ortolani's Oscar-winning theme ("More") and lots of tropical tunes passed off with ghoulish titles, all of which appeared earlier in a different sequence (with different names) on another LP, Chaino's Jungle Echoes. Capitalism at its finest! Calling this "horror music" is pretty dubious (unless hearing the name "Martin Denny" makes you run shrieking in terror), but it's one heckuva bizarre Halloween record-- and check out that cover!

Theme from Mondo Cane and Other Horror Music
1. Theme From Mondo Cane

2. Mau Mau Call
3. Scalping Ceremony
4. Sacrifice Of The Virgin
5. Burning At The Stake
6. Lament Of The Vestal
7. Exodus From Suffering
8. Theme Of The Torture Chamber
9. Murder To The Rock


Blogger gatochalado said...

Uh!, nada como el terror, amigo, es de lo mejor.
Gracias y saludos!

(PD: si puedes por favor subir algo por, muy agradecido, para poder descansar de rapidshare un poco, plis)

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