Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Look for a Star

One more AIP title, this time the influential 1960 British film, Circus of Horrors, about a plastic surgeon on the run from the law who decides to operate a circus and kill lots of sexy women 'cause the plot tells him to. The musical highlight is definitely the theme song, Garry Mills' "Look for a Star," one of those melodies that burrows its way into your head and refuses to leave for days. (Check out Jeepers Creepers: Songs from Horror Films for an amusing cover version by "Guy Haines.) The rest of the album is a straight-up music score from Muir Mathieson (best known for working with Bernard Herrmann on Vertigo) and Franz Reizenstein (Hammer's The Mummy), alternating bombastic circus music and "scary" stuff.

[link removed - soundtrack now officially available]


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